Harry Hess Vespa Music Group - Recording Studio

Harry Hess 

Harry Hess is a songwriter/producer/engineer and mixer who's numerous recording credits span over the last twenty five years back to when he signed his first deal as a recording artist at the age of fifteen.

The former Warner Music Canada artist has honed his production/engineering skills along side of his singing and songwriting duties as a recording artist.

As well as owning a full production recording facility, he has made records in numerous countries around the world, including: Japan, Malaysia, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Holland, Canada and the U.K.

Harry's songwriting ability has earned him 14 top forty hits around the world and sales of well over 2 million records in 43 countries.

Jan. 1st 09 Harry signed a worldwide publishing deal with Universal Music Publishing.

  • Harem Scarem - Hope (Co-Produced/Engineered/Mixed/Singer/Co-Writer)
  • Suzi Rawn - (Co-Produced Engineered Mixed/Co-Writer ) Vespa/Sony BMG
  • Rides Again - Into Existance (Co-Produced/Engineered/Mixed)/Universal
  • Sean Mac - 20 Light Years (Co-Produced/Engineered/Mixed/Co-Writer) Sony
  • Sandy Dane - Peace Love & Ice-Cream (Mixed) Sony BMG
  • Nikki - Naked (Produced/Engineered/Mixed/Co-Writer) Sony BMG
  • The Ditch - Far Away (Mixed) Sony Bmg
  • Natalia - Wise Girl (Additional Production/Engineered/Mixed) Sony BMG
  • Dean - You (Co-Produced/Engineered/Mixed/Co-Writer) Sony BMG
  • Ryandan (Mixed 6 Songs) Universal Music
  • King Jack - E.P (Mixed) Sony BMG
  • Die Mannequin - (2 Co-Writes) Warner
  • My Darkest Days - (Co-Writer) Island/Def Jam
  • Brian Melo - Producer/Engineer/Mixer/Co-Writer ( Canadian Idol Winner )